The students can access the library and facilities of the American Studies Center in the University Building, of the Fulbright Commission and of the Cultural Centre of the U.S. Embassy and participate in the cultural activities organized by them.


The American Studies Library (Room 4, Pitar Moș) is open on Monday, 10 AM-12 PM and 2 PM-4 PM, Tuesday, 10 AM-12 PM (odd weeks only), Thursday, 12 PM-2 PM (odd weeks only), and Friday, 10 AM-2 PM. 

For more information, please contact our librarian, Dr. Bogdan Coman, at bogdan.coman@lls.unibuc.ro. Dr. Coman is also available for book requests Monday-Friday, 10 AM-4 PM, in Cabinetul de Studii Americane (Floor 2, Pitar Moș), when classes are scheduled in Room 4.

Library Rules

Students may borrow up to two books a week. After one week, students are required to bring the books back or require an extension. Loans can only receive a one-week extension period.

Reference Books cannot be borrowed, but students may ask the librarian’s permission to take them out to be photocopied. There is a photocopy center in the basement of the building. Reference books must be brought back from the photocopy center on the same day.

Students who fail to return or in any way damage books will have their library permit suspended.


Our library catalog can now be accessed online by clicking here.


Please also note that if you use the institutional wireless connection inside the various locations of the University of Bucharest, you also have access through the institutional IP to the following databases:

Vocational guidance:

Graduates of the program may choose to continue with a master’s degree or be employed in the various fields of the social, political, cultural and economic life that center around the United States in important institutions, institutional bodies, embassies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), cultural foundations, mass media, publishers, and advertising. They may also become translators or English teachers in primary and secondary education if they complete the psycho-pedagogical module successfully.


The program is competitive to similar ones in Europe and the US. Students can apply for Erasmus scholarships. Students and graduates can apply for Fulbright scholarships.