MA Courses

1st Semester2nd Semester3rd Semester4th Semester
American studies: theories, strategies, and practices  I  Lect. Vac.Rodica Mihaila 2C 5 cr. E American studies: theories, strategies, and practices  II  Lect.vac.Rodica Mihaila 2 C 5 cr. E
Cultural anthropology Ioana Zirra 2C 4 cr. EImage/media culture Media and Gender  Madalina Nicolaescu ///////////// 2C 5 cr. EArea studies. Imagological typologies  Imagological Typologies.  North-American Configurations. Lect.vac. Monica Bottez ///////////// 2C 5cr. E
Remapping cultural space I. Subjects of dislocation   /////////////  lect.vac. Irina Pana2C 5 cr. ERemapping cultural space II. Cultural globalization Madalina Nicolaescu /////////////  2C 5 cr.EBusiness communication  I Globalization, Business and Development Studies. Business English.  Daria Protopopescu///////// 2 S 4 cr. VBusiness communication  II Leadership and Organizational Communication.  Lect.vac. Mariana Nicolae/////////////  2C 4 cr. E
Identity constructions I. The rhetorical construction of national identityBogdan Stefanescu ///////////// 2C 4 cr. VIdentity constructions II. Narratives of diasporic identitySabina Draga///////// 2S 4cr. VCultural translation World Religions in American Literature  Mihai Stroe 2S 4 cr. E 
History, politics and system of gvmt I  The European  Origins of American Political Thinking  Octavian Roske 2C  5cr. E  Society, difference, diversity I 2S 4 cr. V Lect.vac. Multiculturalism Monica Bottez  /////////////History, politics and system of gvmt II The American and European Presidential Systems.  Octavian Roske 2C 5 cr. ESociety, difference, diversity II Transcultural Configurations of the Holocaust in American Culture. Lect. Vac. (Dana Mihailescu)2C 5 cr. E
Media communication I Intergenerational Dynamics in African American and Jewish American Media Dana Mihailescu 2S 4 cr. V  Media communication II Representations of Afro-Americans in Mass Media, Popular Culture and Literature Sabina Draga 2C 5 cr. EPopular Culture  Mihaela Precup  2S 4 cr. V/////////////Discourse and public sphere Translations of Memory: Time and Space in Cultural Texts  Lect. Vac. Irina Pana 2S 5 cr. E ///////////
 Euro-American relations  I  European Projections of the U.SRoxana Oltean  2C 5 cr . E Euro-American relations II  American Representations of Eastern Europe  Roxana Oltean 2C 5 cr. E 
Fulbright Seminar  2 S 3 cr. Lect. Vac. (A. Peiu) Fulbright Seminar (B. Nelson-D.Benea) 2S 3 cr. VFulbright Seminar 2S 3 cr. V Lect. Vac. (B. Nelson-D Benea )
 Research for M.A. thesis 2S 4 cr. Research for M.A. thesis 2 S 4 cr. V 
Professional practice Professional practice Professional practice 
///////////// = Joint class with M.A. in British Studies