BA Admission Process




Admissions: July 3-14, 2023

Exam: July 18, 2023

The admissions grade consists of the average between the grade obtained in the entrance exam (50%) and the baccalaureate (50%).

The entrance exam will consist of an essay on a general theme (not a literary one). More precisely, you will have to write a 350-word argumentative essay that complies with the conventions for argumentative essays specified in the English language textbooks studied in high school (any of the textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education).

Below are two examples of topics for the written test. More precisely, you have one example of each of the two possible types of argumentative essays:

1. “opinion essay” and

2. “for and against essay”.

Please note that on the written test you will receive only one essay (either “opinion essay” or “for and against essay”), and the type of essay will be specified on the exam sheet. 

1) Write an argumentative essay (more precisely, an opinion essay) on the following topic: 

Studying abroad helps young people better understand different cultures.

Do not exceed 350 words.

2) Write an argumentative essay (more precisely, a for and against essay) on the following topic: 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the internet?

Do not exceed 350 words.

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