MA Admission Process




Registration: September 9-11th
Interview: September 16th, 4:00 PM

Maximum number of students to enroll: 30 (14 subsidized places/ 16 fee-based places), out of which 15 fee-based places are still available

Admission requirements

Candidates can be graduates of any higher education profile. They must, however, demonstrate their proficiency in English at the interview. 

Admission process

Pentru studenții români: informații despre admitere se pot găsi la

Swiss and European Union candidates must take the same admission exam as Romanian candidates. The steps to follow are 1) inquiry about necessary documents for registration, to be obtained from the Department of International Relations of our university (; 2) registration with the Registrar’s Office of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures—corresponding information to be posted at, usually in early summer. The admission exam consists of an oral interview, held in mid-July and early September.

For the oral interview, the candidates must present their previous research / study experience (as reflected, for instance, in their BA paper) and indicate future areas of interest to be developed as students in our program,  with optional reference to texts from the Admission brochure that you can download by clicking here and which contains various ideas of research from various areas pertaining to American cultural studies.

In September 2020, candidates will take an online interview.

Candidates who are not citizens of Romania, Switzerland, the European Union, or the European Economic Space states and would like to enroll in the American Studies graduate program at the University of Bucharest should contact the Department of International Relations of our university.

Information about the procedure can be found by clicking here. These students pay a yearly fee and they must register for our MA program at the Department of International Relations before the end of September. Complete details about documents and fees are available from the Department of International Relations at the University of Bucharest, at the following email address:

Here you can find the list of courses offered for the M.A. program in American Studies at the University of Bucharest.

If you have further queries, please contact Dana Mihailescu at the following email address: