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[INTER]SECTIONS: Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

[Inter]sections is the peer-reviewed quarterly journal of American Studies at the University of Bucharest.

We receive submissions throughout the year.

After you have sent us your submission, you will receive a confirmation of receipt, and our peer-reviewing team shall receive a blind copy for review. Ideally, it should take us no more than 1 month to review your submission, but – depending on the volume of submissions – this may take up to 2 months. You will have 1 more month to make the required changes. If your paper requires no changes at all, we shall add it to our database and it will be published in our next/one of our next issues.

Submission Guidelines

We accept papers between 1,500 and 7,000 words, longer book reviews and shotgun reviews (under 500 words) as well as relevant interviews. All submissions must be accompanied by a short bio (no more than 200 words; please do not attach CVs) and an abstract of the piece you are submitting (no more than 200 words). Alternately, you may wish to fill in the following submission form:



Affiliation: undergraduate/graduate student/independent researcher etc.

Bio (no more than 200 words):

E-mail address:

Title of Submission:

Abstract (no more than 200 words):


All papers must be written in accordance with the 2009 MLA citation style.



Photographs and other images can be inserted in the article, but only if they are relevantly discussed within the body of your paper. Should your paper include images, please make sure the reproduction of the image does not infringe upon current copyright norms and/or secure copyright from the author of the image.


 [Inter]sections E-mail Address

This is the e-mail address you should be using for all submissions, questions, and comments: intersections@americanstudies.ro


Other Important Points:


  • Please note that your submission shall be rejected should it be very negligently written (poor English language skills, sub-standard spelling or punctuation) or should its citation style be so far from the MLA style that it renders it unreadable. There are not that many of us on the peer-reviewing team and we do not have the time and energy to put in all the full stops and turn completely non-standard papers into standard ones.
  • [Inter]sections does not condone plagiarism. Should any part of your paper be plagiarized, your paper shall be returned to you and you will be asked not to submit material for publication in [Inter]sections again.
  • The authors should at all times be fully aware that the academic articles they are submitting are not to be simple collages of opinions or statements previously published. Although critical references are not only welcome, but necessary, authors should be able to take a personal critical stand and come up with their own arguments in the process.
  • Papers which have been previously submitted for seminars, workshops and lectures, as well as chapters of diploma papers/dissertations can be submitted as well. However, papers which have already been presented at conferences and/or published in other scholarly journals must not be submitted unless you have secured permission from the initial publishers to have your work re-printed.



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