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CONFERENCES: RAAS-Fulbright Conference "New/Old Worlds. Spaces of Transition." 2-3 February 2006

Below you can find the final program of the RAAS-Fulbright Conference New/Old Worlds. Spaces of Transition organized by the American Studies Center at the University of Bucharest in February 2006.


2-3 February, 2006





The Center for American Studies

Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures

University of Bucharest

7-11, Pitar Mos St.




Thursday, 2 February


8.30 - 9.00: Registration

Room: Catedra de Orientale


9.00 –10.00: Opening Remarks

Room: Amf. Eminescu


Prof. Dr. Rodica Mihaila, RAAS President

H.E. Nicholas Taubman, U.S. Ambassador

Mr. Valentin Naumescu, Secretary of State,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Vlad Nistor, Director, Romanian Diplomatic Institute,

Dean, Faculty of History, University of Bucharest

Mr. Dumitru Miron, Secretary of State, Ministry of Education and Research

Mr. Radu Florescu, Manager, Saatchi&Saatchi

Dr. Barbara Nelson, Executive Director, U.S.-Romanian                                                                Fulbright Commission


10.00-11.30: Plenary Session

Room: Amf. Eminescu



John Carlos Rowe (University of Southern California) – Reading Reading Lolita in Tehran in Idaho



11.30-12.00: Coffee Break

Room: Sala de Consiliu






12.00-14.00 – Workshop 1: Remapping Theory. Decentering and Recycling Old


Room: Amf. Eminescu

Chair: Virgil Stanciu

-          Rodica Mihaila – Post-Cold War Spaces of Transition in the Reconceptualization

       of America

-          Marius Jucan – Questioning Today’s Perspectives on American Exceptionalism

-          Stefan Avadanei – Critical Thinking/Literary Theory

-          Adina Ciugureanu - Cultural ‘Hybrids’ or Old Metaphors for New Worlds


14.00-15.00 Lunch Break

Room: Sala de Consiliu


15.00-17.00 – Workshops (2, 3, 4)


Workshop 2. Old/New Mythologies

Room: Amf. Eminescu

Chair: Ecaterina Popa

-    Virgil Stanciu – The Double Vision in Scott Fitzgerald’s Short Stories

-          Ilinca Anghelescu - Spaces of Transition in Contemporary American Literature: Franzen, Eugenides, Foer and the Death of Postmodernism

-          Mihaela Precup – From Calcutta to New York: Postmemory and Cultural Doublespeak in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake and The Interpreter of Maladies

-          Clementina Mihailescu – The Sounds and Rhythms of Change in John Berryman’s Poetry

-          Silvia Florea – Introducing the Poetry of Pound to the Romanian Reader: Mircea Ivanescu and Ion Caraion



Workshop 3. Transitional Geographies

Room 6

Chair: Mariana Net

-          Mariana Net – Old World Visions of the New World in Karl May’s Winnetou

-          Cristina Cheveresan – Margins in the Middle. Innocent Frontiers in Louise Erdrich’s Fiction

-          Ludmila Martanovschi – The Contemporary American Indian Experience – A Space of Transition between Old and New Worlds in Simon Ortiz’s Men on the Moon

-          Mariana Morgovan – Darkening with Song: Paul Laurence Dunbar’s Old America and the New Black Poetry

-          Monica Bottez - From Racism to Tolerance in Joy Kogawa's Obasan and David Guterson's Snow Falling on Cedars

-          Florin Irimia – From Homer’s Odysseus to Atwood’s Penelope






Workshop 4: Technologies of Representation

Room 4

Chair: Jonathan Rees

-          Jonathan Rees – Why Do Americans Have Such Big Refrigerators?

-          Raluca Ionita – Clashes and Submission: The Transition from the Beat to the Hippie Ritual

-          Andreea Virginas – Signifiers of Center and Periphery: “Mass Cultural” and “High Cultural” Allusions in Current Music Video Clips

-          Gabriela DumbravaTurning History into Culture: the American South between the Plantation and the City

-          Ruxandra Dragan - Advertising in Black and White

-          Cristina Rhea - The Role and the Place of the Mass Media after the Collapse of the Iron Curtain


17.00-17.30 Coffee Break

Room: Sala de Consiliu


17.30-18.30 RAAS General Meeting

Room 6


19.30-21.30 Reception








9.00-11.00 Workshops (2,3,4)

Workshop 2: Literature Old/New Mythologies

Room: Amf. Eminescu

Chair: Odette Blumenfeld

-          Adrian Mihalache – Virtual Worlds, Old and New

-          Mihai Stroe – Ginsberg versus Blake: Romantic Theory and the Poetics of Revolution in Scientific Context

-          Carmen Ardelean – European Tradition and the New Cyber-Cultural Model: How Far Should We Go?

-          Odette Blumenfeld – Queer Theater: Theory and Practice

-          Irina Toma – Thomas Pynchon – Text Intertwining

-          Dan Horatiu Popescu – Cognitive Mapping of the Old World in Gravity’s Rainbow


Workshop 3: Transitional Geographies

Room 4

Chair: Michaela Mudure

-          Mihai Mindra – Terms of Consent: Nineteenth Century German Jewry in the New World

-          Dana Mihailescu - Shifting Pillars of the Jewish Community from the Old to the New World. The Case of Early 20th Century Jewish-American Writings

-          Eniko Maior – Identity Problems in Jewish-American Literature

-          Alexandra Mitrea – Marginality and Mainstream in Philip Roth’s Work

-          Raluca Moldovan – The (Ugly) New Face of the Old: The Misrepresentation of the Holocaust in America

-          Gerald MacLean – The Illustrious Task of Rearing of Empire: Anglo-American Writing about the Maghrib in the Age of Empire


Workshop 5: The Politics of Identity

Room 5

Chair: Codrin Liviu Cutitaru

-          Madalina Nicolaescu – Resistance to Globalization

-          Codrin Liviu Cutitaru - Why ‘America’? Why ‘American’? The New World against the Old One – A Story of Denial

-          Mara Magda Maftei – New/Old World – Political and Cultural Aspects. The Same Structures, the Same Tensions, the Same Patterns

-          Teodora Oprescu – New America vs. Old America: The New Face of the Old American Dream

-          Ioana Huluta – Navigating in Search of the Old World

-          Raluca-Oana Csernatoni – The World Political System Post 9/11. The US-UN Shifting of Perspectives



11:00-11:30 Coffee Break

Room: Sala de Consiliu


11:30-13:30 Workshops (2, 5,6)


Workshop 2. Old/New Mythologies

Room 6

Chair: Radu Surdulescu

-          Alina Popescu – The Vinland Sagas. Images of the New World in Medieval Icelandic Literature

-          Dragos Ivana – Cervantes’ Fiction and the New World

-          Cristian Tanasescu - Poets of the Old/New East in the New/Old West - From Charles Simic to Ilya Kaminsky

-          Iulia Toma – On the Identity of the Academe in David Lodge’s Campus Novels

-          Michaela Mudure – Erica Jong’s New Ways with Old Textual Worlds

-          Olesia Lupu – A Genre-Based Approach to Academic Writing








Workshop 4: Technologies of Representation

Room 4

Chair: Madeleine Schechter

-          Madeleine Schechter – New Forms for an Old Idea: the Museum as a Liminal Place

-          Daniel M. Unger – The Old/New Worlds Controversies in Agucchi’s Impresa of Erminia and the Shepherds

-          Jurgen Heinrichs – Contemporary Black European Art: A German Perspective

-          Sorina Georgescu – Old Europe – New America – New Europe. From Gay Paris to Disneyland

-          Nadina Visan and Ruxandra Visan – A World of Terror: Language and Genre in Stephen King’s Representations of Violence

-          Ema Stere – War Updated. Stephen Spielberg’s War of the Worlds and the Fight against Terrorism



Workshop 6. Cartographies of Exile

Room 5

Chair: Teodor Mateoc

-          Iulia Blanuta – H. Melville’s Vision of America or the Fall of Babel

-          Ania Spyra – Eugene Jolas’ Multilingual New Occident

-          Krisztina Danko – The New World through the Eyes of a Transylvanian Traveler

-          Teodor Mateoc – The West Looking East: Saul Bellow’s The Dean’s December

-          Roxana Oltean – American Consciousness and the Eastern European Revenant: Elizabeth Kostova’s TheHistorian

-          Irina Vasilescu - "Connoisseur of Chaos": Reading Postmodern "America"/America




13.30-14.30 Lunch Break


14.30-17.00 Workshops (3, 5, 6)


Workshop 3: Transitional Geographies

Room 6

Chair: Emil Sirbulescu

-          Esther Cuesta – Diasporic Coloniality of Power, Race, and Subjectivity: Cuban and Dominican Women in Spain and Their Representation in Flores de otro mundo

-          Ginger Jones – The Old New World: Cajuns in Louisiana

-          Ruxandra Radulescu - Sherman Alexie’s Transitional Spaces and Trickster Hermeneutics

-          Monica Manolachi – Re-visioning Black History in The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman by Ernest J. Gaines

-          Tunde Adeleke – Old World-New World: Revisiting the Rupture-Continuity Problematic among Black Americans

-          Emilia Postolache – Genocide Reconsidered: An African-American Rewriting of the Holocaust

-          Anamaria Schwab - (Non)Spaces of Transition in Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy




Workshop 5. The Politics of Identity

Room 4

Chair: Octavian Roske

-          Quinn Gorman – Insult or Ideal: The Old World in the Rhetoric of American Conservatism

-          Iulian Cananau – On the Positivities of 'Americanness'

-          Octavian Roske – Exposing the Evils of Sectional Agitation: Andrew Jackson, Daniel Webster and the Nationalist Argument

-          Freddie Fusman – Freedom of Information - Use and Abuse: Between American Political Culture and Romanian Cultural Politics

-          Oana Avornicesei – The Power of Simplicity of the American Political Speech: The Linguistic Paraphernalia of and Their Telic Use in the American Political Discourse – A Translator's Approach

-          Eric Gilder – Prophecies of Dystopic “Old World, New World” Transitions Told: A Historical-Political Reading of “The World Tomorrow” Radio Broadcasts

-          Mariana Nicolae – Leadership in-between Worlds. The Romanian Transition.



Workshop 6. Cartographies of Exile

Room 5

Chair: Irina Pana

-          Lidia Vianu – From the Old to the New World and Back: Henry James, TS Eliot, Ruth Fainlight, Eva Salzman, Leah Fritz

-          Simona Mitocaru – David Mamet’s America – a “Barbarian Dream”?

-          Adriana Bulz – “An Anglo-Saxon Star”: Eugene O’Neill on the Romanian Stage

-          Mihaela Paraschivescu – The Religious American

-          Maria Andrei – A Romanian Exile: Andrei Codrescu’s New Identity in the New World

-          Irina Pana – New World Modes of Marginality in Emerson’s Essays



17:00-17:30 Closing Session

Room 6


18:30 Performance

American Cultural Center

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